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American Printing & Reprographics Center is adamant about keeping pace with technology. With the acquisition of our latest color copying system from Canon, full-color proofing and printing on demand will add a new dimension to our line-up.


  • Fliptop plate maker
  • Heidelberg Quicksetter & Quickrip
  • Mac G4 OS 9
  • PC Operating System
  • Stoesser register system for digital plate punching

Copying & CD/DVD burning

Offset Printing


  • 2 Bell & Howell inserting machine Machines insert up to 6 pieces into envelopes up to 6x9

  • 2 Heidelberg Folders with right angle
  • 3 GBC laminating machines Max size:11x17

  • The Baum three-hole drill makes it easy to prepare presentations, manuals or reports for use in three-ring binders. This machine makes it possible to drill clean, consistent holes varying from 1/8" to over 1/2" in diameter in virtually any position on a page. The Baum drill can also handle a variety of stock sizes and thicknesses, including as many as 250 sheets at a time.

  • Duplo DBM 200 stitching machine with 2 DCS100000 collating towers
  • Falcon GBC pro tech for lamination Up to 46 inches wide

  • ST54 Cutting Machine

American Printing
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